Formula one jockeying for position two still hot

inggris - Have won two degrees in the Red Bull F1 racing season in 2011.
The first F1 championship 2011, which has been ascertained to be in the hands of Vettel
However, they wanted to complete his success by delivering Mark Webber grabbed the runner-up at the end of this season.

Team based in Milton Keynes this has ensured the constructors' championship last week in Korea and GP champion racer Sebastian Vettel for two weeks before the Japanese GP. But Red Bull boss Christian Horner confirmed That They still have one more target.

Horner admitted That Their current priority is to make-Webber won three races remaining. Red Bull Racer from Australia That want to secure the position of 2nd in the championship final of the season.

"Mark (Webber) is an Important drivers for us," said Red Bull boss was quoted as saying by ESPN Star.

"His performance has helped this team in winning the constructors' championship. He has had a good year and We wish him the runner-up in the championship."

"That is the target of remaining in this year. We want to Webber won the race and We ended the season with success," he concluded.

Webber is now in a position to-4 championship by accumulating 209 points. To finish in the runner-up end of the season, he must Compete with Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso respectively was ranked the 2nd and 3rd. Former Williams driver was only 13 points Adrift with Button. Meanwhile, with Alonso he's only three points apart.

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